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Musician, Actor, Singer/Songwriter


What's New?

Come see Blair perform original music with Breaking Sound at Brooklyn Music Kitchen on 6/25! Details and tickets can be found here.


Catch Blair's 54 Below debut on 8/7 as she celebrates music from across the pond in "54 Sings The British Invasion And Beyond"! Get tickets here!


Check out more detailed updates here!



Hi there! I'm Blair.


A multifaceted music maker, quick-witted storyteller, energetic performer, and all-around creative gal.

I'm originally from Campbellsville, KY and received my BFA from Northern Kentucky University with a major in musical theatre and a minor in piano. As the "middle" child in a set of triplets, I've always had a knack for standing out.

My art does just that - stand out. I strive to bring to the table a sense of wonder, ease, and optimism (and to back it up with a sturdy technical background, of course).

When not at work, you can find me journaling, crocheting tops I'll never wear, writing songs, reading heartwarming family dramas, and perfecting my overnight cold brew recipe.





(paperwork pending)

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Voice: Mix/Belt with High Soprano


THEATRE (selection) 

Songs For A New World

Freaky Friday

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story

Putnam Co. Spelling Bee

Fugitive Songs


Deck the Halls

The 'Write' Stuff*

The Grandma That Eats Everything*

Woman 1

Ellie Blake

Vi Petty

Olive Ostrovsky


Lulu/Kit Kat Club Dancer

Jolly (Lead)

Various Roles

Various Roles

Northern KY University

Northern KY University

Florida Studio Theatre

Campbellsville University

Northern KY University

Northern KY University

Florida Studio Theatre

Florida Studio Theatre

Florida Studio Theatre

Jamey Strawn

Jamey Strawn

Jason Cannon

Starr Garrett

Jamey Strawn

Brian Robertson

Caroline Saldivar

Kate Alexander

Shelby Lynhall

*also composed music for production


Billboard Onboard

Satin Dollz


Friends In Low Places

The Soda Pops

Comedy Freestyle

Singing Pianist

Featured Performer

Featured Performer

Female Swing (perf x4)

Singing Pianist

Improv Accompanist

Holland America Cruise Lines

USA Brooklyn Delicatessen

The Green Room 42

Florida Studio Theatre


Florida Studio Theatre

Windish Entertainment

Jacob Wahba

Dollface and Co

Catherine Randazzo

Tom Lombard

Will Luera


Florida Studio Theatre Professional Training Program, Acting Apprentice - August 2021-May 2022

BFA Theatre, Musical Theatre Emphasis, Piano Minor - Northern Kentucky University - May 2021


Chekhov, Alexander


Tap, Jazz, Ballet


Musical Theatre, Classical

Corrie Danieley, Mike King

Tracey Bonner, Andrea Tutt

Josh Steele, Catherine Keen, Sarah Viola


Piano (15 years classical training), working knowledge of guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass, and accordion, sight reading, music direction, accompaniment, tap dancing, improv, great with children, relative pitch, Pig Latin, basic gymnastics, backwards writing, headstands, popping noise with mouth, belching on command, valid U.S. passport and Kentucky drivers license, fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.



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